When you can’t see the face

You know when I started out as a photographer,  that one majestic day where we all transition from thinking about doing something to actually taking that first step forward to making it a reality I wanted to solve what I thought was a problem which is this "Why do photos of events look so crappy!?" You know the ones, where the faces look as though they are standing in front of an alien ship, the lovely warm tones and pleasing lighting is diminished to a stark and uninviting darkness. When I looked at those photos I would always feel a sense of disappointment. "That's not what it was like!" I would say or "Picture it looking way better than it was"! And this would go back years. I even remember taking a photo at Disneyland and looking at it later on it looked like, well crap. Now when you take a photo of a parade at Disneyland and it looks like crap then you know that there is a problem here, and the problem was me.

But I was Sixteen at the time and honestly if we are going to start with the stupid things I did at that age that resulted with the line "It's your fault" well there were plenty of worse ones than taking a crappy photo at Disneyland. That's a story for another time however its safe to say I am lucky today to have all my fingers.

So back to the photo. It stuck with me. Why can't we take photos where we look at them and say "yeah that's what it was like!!" Instead of the dark alien crapness  we end up with. I ignored it for years, then I started to notice ( and this is going to sound obvious now) but when you take photos during the day all is good, take photos in the morning or sunset and what see is what you get. But take photos at night and that when things were ending up the way we end up.

So it's simple right? It's the camera! All we need to do is get the camera to work and we will be all ok right? Yeah! Go me!!" Well as it turned out that 'fixing the camera' will cost me thousands and take years to perfect, however when I did, when I blended a mixture of bits and pieces to end up with the look I have I could finally look at the photo and say 'yeah that's the way it looked' and I would sit back and be content.

It would lead me to be abused by another photographer who photographed Oprah he would remind me about ten times.

Let me explain that one another time. Instead, let me tell you about something I honestly stumbled across. And that's taking photos of people where their faces aren't shown at all. Silhouette as it's called I guess. Anyway you know when you stumble across something and think in the privacy of your head. "I wonder if I can pretend I meant that all along and people will believe it" and then the next thought is "I wonder how the hell I can do that again!?". So my head was buzzing. Oh the fist photo? The one just below here I call 'Speak of the Devil'.

I was in Sydney and during the madness of the even I turn around and this person was standing there in front of really strong red lights. After I saw the result I couldn't' help but look at the face and my mind will attend to place eyes, a nose, a mouth where there is nothing by blackness. Go ahead and stare at it for a while, I bet you will try and do the same thing.

So after this, I really wanted to do it again. There is something about this kind of photo. One of my main standouts was taken in Perth where again you can't see the persons eyes although with the jaw defined it kind of looks like you can.

I will find more of these throughout my library and update this one from time to time however for this, my first post. I wanted to show you something that I love and honestly stumbled across, both the Photography and the photograph ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk Soon ๐Ÿ™‚








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