The Scream


Every now and then I will take a shot and completely forget about it, however later when I am working through the thousands and thousands of photos a photo will make me stop and just sit back and say, oh yeah 🙂

This was one of those photos.

Brisbane, it’s about 3:00am and I find myself in what can only be called a dungeon somewhere in Fortitude Valley. It’s hot, really hot, I have had so many coffee’s that day I am pretty much sweating caffeine which is good because the night is completely and utterly electric. Wow you know what? I have been binge watching GLOW on Netflix so I think the 80’s references are going to come out. I mean who says electric anymore? Characters on a Wrestling show set in the 80’s is who!

You should watch the show by the way, it’s Rad!

So there I am, hot as a person that is really hot (mental note buy a thesaurus) and moving around capturing people in their moments and I come across a person alone in a corner, looking as though all the light has gone out in her world. There is something truly sad about a person that can’t even let the room infect her with the electric ness (there’s that word again) and just enjoy herself. So I say hi and ask why the long face.? She had just broken up, well dumped as she put it “I gave my freaking soul to that B&*$ (yeah I didn’t say the word never know if Mum could be reading… hey Mum!) just dumped me. B&@#! And as we spoke a colour of rage came over her and I saw her turn from this picture of lonely sorrow to anger, it was growing and growing and building until the scream just came out loud and proud. Something primal, after this she just loses herself to the music and off she goes.

To this day I don’t know if it was a good thing, or not, or if she was happy, or not. However that moment later on when I sat back and looked at that photo I decided to really mess with it and bring out more colour, make it angrier, make it the true reflection of what she was a pissed off (sorry mum) woman who wasn’t going to take it any more!!

Talk Soon 🙂


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