Speak of the Devil


To this day one of the most powerful images I’ve taken and if it was a lesson in anything, it was every now and then.. Forget anything you have been taught and try to break the rules.

Rule broken –  The light must clear on the subjects face.

So I’m standing there in Darling harbour, it’s new years you know it would probably be about six or so years ago and just as I turn around I see this person standing and I am blinded by the red light that is behind her. Now all the training in the word tells you that in order to take a wonderfully expressive shot you need to have the light on the subjects face. Which makes perfect sense! How else are you going to tell a story if you can’t see the persons face.

However when I saw this person standing there and I was blinded I instantly saw this photo in my mind and well quick as fish the picture was snapped and boom as they say the rest is history.



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