Hyderabad Coffee adventure – Day one


Well about a week ago I asked a question on instagram, about where I could buy a decent cup of coffee in the place I was due to travel, Hyderabad India. For I was excited about how an exotic place with all it’s history and mystery can, well, you now.. Pour a coffee.

If I could confess something.. for me an entire country / holiday experience can come down to the simple moments, from food to other people. For me it’s coffee, beginning middle and end. Your country can have the most majestic history, the nicest people in the world and the cutest puppies but if I can’t enjoy my one precious ritual a day then.. well it’s not going to look good.

Reading that back I know that makes me sound like a complete jerk, but look inside yourself, deep inside.. a little deeper.. now think of the one thing you really enjoy.. now imagine that thing (coffee, cake, wine, beer, whatever) being completely horrible. then picture yourself being asked about the place you visited by a friend / french lover..

I’m kind of right aren’t I?

…. I bet I’m still a jerk though.

Anyway I didn’t really expect any response, maybe a couple but wow things went nuts there for a while! so many wonderful people (you know who you are, give your self a fist bump) responded with amazing recommendations and were outstanding ambassadors for their country (take that official ambassadors!!!). You then asked me if I could tell them what I thought of the place, ok no problem! let’s do this! What could go wrong!

You are still thinking about that French lover aren’t you? He or she doesn’t deserve you!! It’s time to move on! Eat ice cream on a prescription basis if need be. 

So, here I am, answering the question from lots and lots of people about what I thought. Now before I begin whenever I have heard someone talk about Melbourne (the last time that happened was when reading Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris (awesome book and weirdly original which is perfect for me, msg me if you have read it [Link to intelligent and witty book]. ). I loved reading about someone outside coming into my home town and basically shining a different light on the place!

So let’s begin! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Hyderabad, India, Day One.

The sun rose in the east over a magical ancient land full of mystery adventure and culture. A place that has existed for thousands and thousands of years. A place of rich diversity in religion ethnicity and driving skills.  All of this was completely lost on me as whilst the sun rose over this majestic and wonderful land I was laying flat on my back completely and utterly and snoriingly asleep. As a single ray of light shone defiantly through the ironclad blocker that is the double curtain dreams were weaving through my head. The only sound was the noise of attractive snoring coming from my nose and maybe just maybe the elegant and ever so manly scratching of my bum. The sun patiently rose until 9:30 until my travel weary body had a boxing match with my jet lag, with the jet lag winning causing my eyes to snap open to a brand new day.

Where am I again?

Who am I again?

Hyderabad, and Andrew – check.

Memories of the long travel still present and the wonderfully warm welcome I received from Ileana at Mumbai airport followed by the cameras being stuck in our faces (I will never get used to that by the way) I make my way to the shower..

.. let’s skip over the shower bit for decency sake..

At 11:00am I find myself sitting in a cavernous space of the hotel lobby, the low susurration of music plays for maximum relaxation effect however causing unease and wonder is a big honking white sculpture in the centre of said lobby. So large in fact I wonder if A: the owner lost a bet or more likely B: his competitor bought a large sculpture and he was no way going to be one-upped by that smart bugger, so I will just go ahead and buy the largest sculpture short of purchasing the statue of liberty itself.  Looking at this monstrosity the sluggish thought comes to mind. Here I am, in the centre of Hyderabad having traveled thousands of kilometres (or Miles either one) to be with my wonderful beautiful and crazy stylish other half and enjoy some time in the crazy place.

But first coffee.

We haven’t had a chance to venture out as of yet due to commitments so hotel lobby coffee it is. Now, this is always risky. It truly is amazing how many hotels places around the world can’t manage to make a decent coffee. However, at this point in time, I would be happy to munch on coffee beans directly 🙂

“I’ll have a strong Latte in a mug thanks”  I say to the waiter and I receive a crisp professional acknowledgment that always boosts my ego just a little. Before too long the large cup arrives before me.


Let’s talk about the cup for  a second. Because let us call it the ‘vessel’ is about as important as the coffee itself.

For me glass will not do, I don’t know why but that’s just how it is. I always ask in a mug (and yes writing this down and reading it back makes me realise how much of a picky tool I am). This cup seems to be a mixture of old english cup of tea and more of a french big arse cup style. The gold band on the top and fine china rounds off a rather impressive cup / mug.

Taking the first sip, oh sweet heavenly god oh yes that’s good stuff! The second sip was even better. Now before we go and get too excited this coffee wasn’t the greatest I have had, it was a close 7 out of 10, but since the only alternative was airplane coffee and I’m pretty sure when they offer you the coffee they mimick invisible quotation marks.

But for the first coffee…. Hyderabad we are off to a good start!

By now the caffeine is flowing through our bodies like tiny happy gods banishing the evil demons of feeling crappiness.. Everything is awesome.. Everything is funny..

I love how she finds delights in the simplest of pleasures on her phone.. a true and honest laugh 🙂


Tomorrow I venture out and if I possible,  will visit one of the locations you mentioned!



p.s. Wombat, I went to the gym so I’m not being lazy jerk!









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