Our Moment



I stared at the set for three days as Ileana and Ravi Teja acted out their scenes all the while I stared at myself and thought “you know if I get the chance and have Ileana on stage alone the contrast of the red dress and the stage will be striking! I spoke to Vankat and he said it wouldn’t be a problem..


The last day, the last scene and one the final take successfully finished and everyone claps in applause for the movie is over. There is a rush of people wanting photos ( even a few with me which always throws me a bit) and all I can think of is ‘please don’t turn the lights off!’. Vankat leans in and says “I have told them to leave the lights on and so when everyone leaves you can have your time alone..” I give him a really manly slap on the back and sure enough, they all eventually leave and we get to have our moment!

This shot was that moment, hope you like it 🙂


















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