Day Six, The Road Ahead

From the vantage point of the 5th floor of the Hyatt I look out over a city filled with lights masked by the downpouring of the monsoonal rains. It’s fitting in way, rain is such a wonderful partnership to a somber heart for sad departures. Not wanting to take anything away from the moment I turn all the lights out and just sit watching the city before me. The colours look so beautiful made hazy with the rain, I can hear the sounds as it dropped on the window mixed with the contrast and extremely enthusiastic sound of drumming below. For tonight is the last night of the Ganesh Festival and so tonight, I don’t think even a meteorite would stop them from banging their drums just as loud as they can. which in its own way is simply awesome 🙂

About coming here, what can I say that doesn’t feel like a cliche… let me first start with a confession. I didn’t really expect to like this city, nearly as much as I did.

Please let me explain..

You know when you travel to parts of the world you take with you your own city and culture and become in some sorts an ambassador for your patch of the world? It’s most likely a subliminal thing, you don’t pack your bags, zip them up and say aloud “the whole world just sucks except for my own little town so I’m just ready to travel and be disappointed because everywhere in the known world is just second place to where I live!! Aren’t I just so jolly lucky!!” No, it may come in more subtle ways… for instance coffee..

I didn’t expect to find any decent coffee here..

I didn’t expect to love the coffee here…

I didn’t expect the coffee to be better here..

God as a proud Melbournian that really pains me to say but it’s true. I’m going to lay my heart and soul out there and come what may but it’s true. I only tried a few places and the ones I visited that you recommended. My favorite? Has to the Roastery Coffee House. That doesn’t take away from all the other places I visited by as a house that offers wonderful coffee, ambiance to just enjoy our time there and the choice of pleasant music makes the Roastery Coffee House a clear favorite for me.

So that’s what I found, I found a city where everyone I met was so incredibly kind (I’m not just saying that like when celebs are asked the question and they answer with the boiler plate “OH yes the people are soooo niceeee!! response,”)  I mean this is a blog.. if you can’t be honest here where can you be honest? friendly and just wonderful to have chats with.

Ileana taking a moment to capture tonight for her own memories.

Ileana joins me and we sit there silent just staring. The ending is special for her for it marks the end of working on her current film. A film which from all accounts is some of her greatest work yet. The producers and directors are extremely happy and they know this is going to be huge but for now, the work is done and her road ahead now leads away to different places.

I think about it all as I stare outside the window as a part of the city is laid before me, being washed clean with the rain. The song by Counting Crowes “Round Here” comes to mind, which for me is the greatest rainy day song in the history of rainy day songs. A moment is captured as I press my camera to the glass and take a final photos.. I take a few more minutes of quiet staring before the lights are turned back on and I begin packing up all my stuff to make the flight tomorrow.

I can come back though? There are more places to check out yes? I want to enjoy the Roastery again but I want to explore more of this part of the world, the small temples of culture which aren’t in the thousand year old stone buildings made by long dead people but in the businesses alive today.

My road ahead for the short term takes me away but who knows, it may swing around and point directly back to here, to this wonderful city, being washed with the rain.

So I’ll see you down where the roads meet. Until then stay classy Hyderabad 🙂

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