Mumbai – Poetry By Love and Cheesecake

We are back in Mumbai. This city for me would have to be the most familiar of cities within India although I still feel as though I haven’t scratched the surface of this thriving metropolis. where Hyderabad had it’s relatively open expanse, Mumbai has it’s close cobblestone roads which have a charm all their own. When I’m talking about my travels to India with my mates they ask what I like about the country, not in a hostile way but in a genuinely curious manner. For me it’s the sense of history this place has fused with a vibrant new culture, amazing food and wonderful people (again not cliche, I really mean it), driving or walking around at night you can see a narrow cobblestones roads the occasional wash of orange light emitting from the businesses new or old. I particularly love the charm of the light that comes from vegetable sellers as they sell their produce. Looking as they talk to their current customer about this and that you just know that it’s’ quite possible someone has been selling vegetables on that street corner from probably a hundred years, maybe even more. It has a charm all it’s own and I really enjoy being immersed in something completely opposite to a supermarket chains where they are pretty much all the same around the world. This street corner feels delightfully Indian, original and delightful

So I tell my friends this, usually over beer or scotch and they look at me and say “you really love that place don’t you?” And I answer “yeah I do… India and it’s crazy erratic chaos everywhere is full of so much life. So yes I do”

“You miss Australia though?”
“Oh of course!”
“And it’s beer!”
“Oh damn right I miss its beer!”
“And it’s scotch!”
“Actually you can get scotch there in India, and wine, and all other whiskeys, vodkas etc”
“Oh yes!”
“Sounds like a great place!”
“Really! My romantic story did nothing for you but as soon as I mention booze you now love the place!?”
“Well…… yes”
“Fair enough…. ok….. yeah… ok…….. pass the bottle”

However vegetables are far from our mind for today for I am on a mission to see what Mumbai can offer as far as coffee and breakfast. The memory of the horrible experience at Hyderabad airport behind me I look to brighter futures, knowing deep in my heart that today will be better than the day before, because there is no way on this earth that it could be any worse! Ileana has heard good things about a called Poetry By Love and Cheesecake. So we head out to see if what she has heard lives up to the hype. We forgoe the Mercedes and decide to travel in real style! For today we are going by rickshaw baby!!!

Standing on the side of the road I see before me one of the finest vehicles ever made. The rickshaw. Ok stop laughing! I mean it!! please stop smiling in contempt at my statement because I really mean it! Ok fine, let me convince you!

Imagine India without these remarkable vehicles and the amazing people that drive them day in and day out. All those convenient one-way trips that are not allot more inconvenient because this cute little car type thing doesn’t exit. They are small and so can squeeze through places which larger cars can’t. They are dirt cheap to run and repair and so the rides are cheap as well! Above all this, they have a charm all their own. Inside the cabin you can feel the air through your hair and when the beast of a car gets up to about 30’ks an hour tell me you don’t feel truly alive!!

If you agree with me then you must clearly be a highly intelligent and frankly extremely good looking person, if you still disagree with me then I suggest you re-read the last paragraph until you come around. Because I love them and today we are taking one of these cars in style for morning coffee..

We eventually arrive at our destination and to be honest the outside facade is rather humble, even though there is a man which looks like he is checking his armpit for odor which does add a certain bit of flair to the place it’s still humble. Inside is much more appealing however small, but we are soon ushered to where there is more space upstairs via a really small and quaint circle stairway. I’m surprised as to how small a circle stairway could be and still be pretty usable and it also adds instant charm to the place.


We arrive upstairs and the brightness of the place feels welcoming and peaceful. Walking through to our table I make a mental note however to not come to this place if I were to ever be, say, extremely hung over. However today I am blissfully ‘not’ hung over and so the bright open rooms assists to make this moment really enjoyable.

That and the wonderful company with me. Ileana sits across the bench and we lock eyes and smile at each other. This is our morning routine.. also our midday routine, our night routine etc. We lock eyes, clasp each other’s hands and take a moment within a moment of pure bliss.

The coffee is ordered and a round of blueberry pancakes for me and before too long (only after taking about 40 photos or so) the coffee arrives.. it looks rich and well made, the careful attention to the latte art shows kindness. Whenever I try latte art it always ends up like a fluffy cloud, you have to stare at it for a while and maybe you might find something in the blobby shape.  So with respect to the art, I soon feel a bit of shame as I dump a teaspoon of sugar irreparably ruining it.


The Cup.
It’s a white porcelain classic design that fits really well in the hand. They don’t get points for originality however none are taken away either. It’s a nice mug although for preference I really prefer a nice tall chunky mug that I can cup in my hand. On a cool winters day in Melbourne there are fewer nicer feelings in the world than holding a warm cup of coffee in your hand and taking that first magical sip.



The coffee.
It’s rich without a hint of fruitiness the coffee is more of a traditional dark roast and the full body flavour you get from such a roast. I really enjoy it, it feels familiar, maybe I have tasted this somewhere before but can’t quite place the time or cafe however the comforting sensation you get is truly nice.. A second sip.. yes just as good.

The food arrives and my order, the blueberry pancakes look and taste light and fluffy. Like extremely light and extremely fluffy. They are eaten within a blink of an eye, which is always a good sign. Give them a try if you are a pancake person.


With the satisfying feel of the caffeine flowing through us we talk about small things and then larger things, plans to come ( a dinner out) and the greatest challenge of all. For tonight is going to be a movie night, which means we need to decide what movie to watch. Let me tell you we can sometimes it take hours to decide what to watch. Through cooking dinner (either Ileana cooking or myself) we will suggest movies and usually hear the ‘nahh’ as a return.. back and forth and back and forth we go until we land on one. The person suggesting go movie will say “really!? You want to watch that?? Really !!!??” One time I joked that I wanted to watch a movie and when I said the eventual “nahhh” with grin. The swat I received was… well it was a swat.. with hints to I love you, more hints of you’re a jerk and that was pretty funny.

DSC05405We ended up watching that film.. fair enough 🙂

Stuff I love!

I just love this camera lens mug! I was gifted one of these for my birthday by… someone!

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