Mumbai, The Hole in the Wall

There are coffee shops that serve as a place to come and sit and soak up the morning light.. There are places to come and discuss business, land deals and operate spreadsheets. Then there are those are more a hole in the wall, serving coffee to the local patrons as they make their way from A to B. Today I venture to one of these coffee shops to taste their famous Vietnamese coffee,

Koinonia Coffee Roastery.

A hole in the wall style coffee house will bringe one of two emotions to the surface. It will either stimulate all of my dormant clostraphobic senses or give me a reduce me to be cosy and calm. This place causes the latter as I walk through the small door into the small room with the small tables with the patrons (normal sized) sitting and drinking their coffees and chatting about stuff. The use of dark paint compliments the hallogen spot lighting working its charm into every square meter they have, which isn’t allot. The strong smell of coffee is in the air more than the barista machine would account for. It’s almost they have a bag of beans located out of site and a fan is blowing hot air onto the beans to cause the aroma to be so strong. I really Iike it.. why be shy about it? You sell coffee! Be proud!

We sit down and place our order, you can choose from the wide selection of coffee types however being that its pretty damn hot and for some reason during the afternoon I often feel like a cold coffee then it’s Vietnamese coffee for us 🙂

Making a Vietnamese coffee is absolutely dead simple, all you need is an espresso shot (or two if you are like me) poured over ice into a large glass mug (beer mug works too) and add condensed milk until it’s juuuuust right. Ours arrives with a Steel straw so environmental points right there. Then again a Latte is just a shot of coffee and frothy milk.. don’t those Italians make it sound so romantic and complex??

The cup

Well it was a glass, feeling like glass and well.. it was glass.. god I wish I new more words to describe glass.. if you are a wordsmith or scribe or work for a thesaurus company.. message me.

The coffee is cold and sweet and lovely. In future I will try to order a much larger glass.. If they had it available in a pint glass then if you walked into the small cafe you would see an extremely happy Aussie..

Before too long we found a book nestled away near the door, it has all the recommendations for coffee shops around the world.. nice and thick like all good coffee table books should be. I heft it and realize that this would make an awesome coffee table book, about coffee! It’s full of good places to visit.. well honestly I assume good places. Although I do look up Melbourne and they recommend places I have visited, as I scan and recognise key coffee shops I have visited I nod sagely like a guru of the dark bean.

If you are going to sit for a little while I recommend not choosing the table near the door. It wasn’t too long before the line of people ordering their cup of joe resulted in… well there is not delicate way to put it.. peoples butts being pretty damn close to my face.. when I noticed it (it was really hard not to notice it to be honest) I wanted to prove to you that this was the case and thus the only really way is to take photographic evidence..

Then I realised..

I’m taking photos of peoples butts… up close..

Yeah let’s not do that.. for so many, many reasons.

So you will have to take my word for it.. having finished with the coffee and my fill of butts I stand and walk out the front… outside I look around at the surroundings this cafe is nestled in. A small laneway with winding cobble stone roads winds to either side gently lit by the afternoon sun. Then it occurs to me, you know.. if they cleared out some of the bikes, the cars and put some tables down. This would make for a really cool outdoor cafe!

We leave, totally buzzed and ready for the gym!

Stuff I like!

Oh wow I found the book! I am totally going to buy this for myself!

Where to Drink Coffee – Phaidon Press

[click to check out]

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