Andrew Kneebone’s Good Time Kitchen Cafe


There are times in our lives where we can sit back and enjoy the morning, moving at the pace of molasses you can do as much or as little as you want. Then there are mornings where you have got damn well things to do so a working cup of Joe is going to be all you can hope for.

That’s what today had in store for me, still, there is no reason why I can’t enjoy it right?? Yeah, that’s the spirit.

Andrew Kneebone’s Good Time Kitchen Cafe

Seeing as this is my cafe I get to play the songs that I am in the mood for. Haven’t you ever wanted to do that? Like we do when we have had a little too much at a club or pub and we go to the DJ and yell in their ear “GOD CAN YOU PLAY THIS SONG! IT”S JUST SO AMAZINGGGGGGG” etc.. well for me and my working cafe I am in the mood for a bit of Damien Rice so I put on his Live at the Union Chapel album and get to work making my coffee.

For all the elaborate talk of latte’s when I am abroad or around the corner, when I am at home I use the simple Italian stovetop espresso maker and my own coffee grinder, Vittoria beans because.. well I’m worth it. The process of constructing the maker with the coffee inside it is akin to assembling a world war one rifle. Something so satisfying about how manual the steps which are. Water in the bottom, place under the grinder, turn the grinder on, fill up to the right level, screw top on and place on gas stove. A few clicks of the electrical starter thingy and clean blue flame sits under the Italian coffee maker.. I set to basic cleaning duties because even though we can have a smartphone that is now more powerful than a computer, free video calls around the world and rockets and cars that can land and drive themselves. We do not have dishes that will clean themselves! I’m not saying that we have our priorities wrong, but I am saying we have our priorities completely wrong. After mentally complaining about a task that takes a whole of three minutes I have little to do while I wait for the bubbling sound of boiling water and percolating coffee. So I look around at the cool day outside. This is a rare day at home doing work inside of my ‘man cave’ and even though there are things to do it’s nice to be back home where everything is familiar and comfy. I pop my head outside to see the weather tree, it’s a large gum tree that tells me pretty much everything I need to know about the weather. If the wind blows from the north I know it’s going to be a hot day, from the south, cold. If it’s wet well it’s raining and if it is no longer there, well then I am in the middle of cyclone or tornado.

Coffee bubbles.. my god does it smell good!

I pour out the coffee into my favourite Starbucks mug (again hate the coffee, love their mugs) and add the milk and banging the microwave for about 40 seconds..

After this I have a rich piping hot cup of coffee that I can tell you is just perfect.


The cup!
A white porcelain long neck mug that is wonderful to hold in the hand on a cold day and has an ample handle for those hot days.

The Coffee.
Rich, strong and if it didn’t send me into a frenzy I could have cup after cup after cup!

I step into my working area or affectionately known to my Alexa Dot as the ‘man cave’ and sit down to edit some photos for release. Then to work with some clients and plan the next up and coming series of projects.

Even though today is a working day and I can’t sit back and just read from one of my favourite blogs and take it nice and slow.. there is an enjoyment all it’s own that I take with editing photos, being creative and having that supportive home made cup of coffee from Andrew’s Good Time Kitchen Cafe!



Phone Wallpaper – Dark and Moody


Phone Wallpaper – Black and White (Adam Mackintosh Tribute)



Phone Wallpaper – Bright and Happy




Phone Wallpaper Arty Explosion of Golden Light and Euphoria


Phone Wallpaper – Pink because screw you that’s why!

Phone Wallpaper Retro


Stuff I like!!

This is the exact Italian Espresso Maker I use.. I mean the exact one! The same brand and everything!!

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