iPhone XR for Street Photography using BURST MODE!

When it comes to street photography the difference between a really great photo and one that doesn’t inspire the launch of a thousand ships is basically three things.  Composition, Timing and Luck.

Here’s the story. I recently landed in Mumbai from Australia and after unpacking, showering and coffee I was left with a feeling of contentment. Until a hunger tsunami hit me hard (hardcore). So I walked down to the burger place, ate said burger and walked back feeling the satisfaction of hunger gone and the belly full. This is when Bandra the wonderful town within a massive city started to show me it’s charming hues.

Soo naturally I decided to take some photos, send to friends and family, no big deal. I was playing around with timing and using a really interesting photo feature that has been on the iPhone for a while now but has been made even faster with the iPhone XS XR and XS MAX line of phones.

Burst Mode.

They should really rename Burst Mode to “Crazy Amount of Photos Per Second” mode.. because the term burst means it will only take lots of photos for a short amount of time. With the iPhone, as long as you have storage and battery you can go nuts.

Like 10+ photos a second nuts! How do you do this!? Press and hold the volume up button when in camera. That’s it!

WIth 10+ photos a second you can really have a bit of luck on your side, certainly timing. The shot below shows this. I set the camera on the Nanna on the side of the road, wanting to get the photo of her through a Rik I pressed down the volume up button and just took 10+ photos a second for about four seconds.. Then back through to choose the one I wanted and BOOM! I have an award-winning photo that will make people cry in the streets and when they see it possibly throw roses at me!

Please don’t’ throw roses at me, those buggers have thorns.

So this is Burst mode! I’m going to play around with this some more! But for now, go out and try out Burst Mode for yourself and see how creative you can get!!

Go on! Get out there 🙂


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