Sunset in Marrakech

Sunset in Marrakech

The sunrises and sunsets in Marrakech were beautiful. Oh sure I guess you can say that anywhere in the world but here they were particularly beautiful. During that time of year the rain would for rarely fall so natural dust would rise up as the people of Marrakech made their way around on Bus, Car, Motorbike, Push Bike and the all to frequent horse and cart. Oh to hear the sound of horseshoes on cobblestoned roads was a pleasure that I enjoyed everytime a horse-drawn carriage (either for the tourists or for a farmer making his way to market) would randomly cross my path. If you could see me picture me with my eyes closed and enjoying the audible sensation of a sound long since retired from daily life.

On this particular sunset I was enjoying the view of the mountains when I realised, hang on a second. If I lean out my balcony a fair way then I will be able to see the sunset and wow just look at that! I ran inside loaded up my Nikon camera and my trusty 70-200mm F2.8 lens and locked and loaded. I took a number of shots but with the sun setting so quickly there was only so much opportunity to ‘get it right’.

No this was part of a challenge of mine, I was seeing if I could edit every photo was taken (either with the new iPhone XR or my other cameras) on the new iPad pro. Bold I know, I am very much used to and enjoy the tools on my MacBook so it’s a leap. So the photo you see before you was imported Raw file into the iPad pro and edited there using nothing more than Lightroom and Pixelmator.

Here’s the video to prove it!


Want it for your desktop wallpaper? Sure here you go, Merry Christmas

[ Click here to download ] 


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