I know what you are thinking… where the hell have you been? I could focus on that but I have a much better idea that will frankly fill your heart with joy, excitement and every other possible emotion in the emotion “rainbow”, I will tell you what I am doing now.

Well besides typing on an iPad about what I am doing now let’s just skip that part and I will assume you already know this being the knowledgeable person that you are.

This morning rose like so many others having spent and still feeling the glow an awesome night with a friend and the serendipitous reconnection of a significant person from long ago I awoke and decided that the afternoon will be filled with work and stuff that tends to happen on the weekend but this morning is going to be pure indulgence of the highest order. Which is to say I am heading to my local cafe and dammit I am going to order a coffee (strong) in a mug.

I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful local cafe that I can just zombie march into and they will know exactly what I need and provide it without even asking, and sure enough about a minute or two after sitting down in the comfy leather chair the hot mug of gloriousness is presented with a knowing smile from the waitress.

This is where the indulgence is going to take a rocketboom turn down amazing street and splash into the tasty puddle of deliciousness. Because..I order.. now on paper, this may not sound like much but believe me this is amazing and please give it a try before putting on your best judging outfit, judging monocles and judging theatre glasses and then.. well.. judging me.

Poached Eggs, on Vegemite Sourdough toast with chorizo on the side.

Those who don’t like Vegemite toast I guess you can substitute it with normal butter but you are really missing out, the salty flavor of Vegemite is an amazingly tasty counter-flavour (is that a thing?) to the eggs. And the Chorizo is just and always will be chorizo. Perfect in every way.

So I place the order, feeling like a bit of a tool when I am ordering off-menu but I explain it and absorb the professional and yet curious look as the combination of Vegemite and eggs is requested. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, I assure her that this will be ok, better than ok actually it will be heavenly!.

Back to the coffee..

The mug is perfect in its delivery and the smooth latte is exactly what I need for this Sunday morning, truth being told I haven’t had a coffee for about six days now so this one is going to hit me rather hard and I for one welcome the rush of inspiration. I need something to help me finish the latest episode of Comfy Place which is turning into a more relaxed version of hardcore history as I explore the extremely interesting history of one of our more colorful criminals “Ned Kelly”. It’s already an hour long and it is probably going to be another hour before it finishes, hmm thinking out lour I probably should make it a two-part episode now. Good idea!! Thanks for suggesting it..

The meal arrives and it is everything that I hoped it to be, granted it doesn’t photograph very well, I tip my hat to the marketing people that have to market Vegemite as it is essentially a black paste but dammit if it isn’t one of the most perfect spreads.

The cafe slowly fills up and the owner comes over for a short chat, we talk of everything and nothing in the usual way before I return to the piece of writing you see before you.

So this is my morning, the rest of the day will be filled with the normal tasks of a normal weekend but for a couple of hours in the morning, I was able to just take a moment and enjoy one of life’s small pleasures. A really strong coffee, eggs with Vegemite, the susurration of a cosy cafe and the arms-length company of strangers 🙂

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday

Talk Soon 🙂



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