Day Two. Roastery Coffee house

On a slightly cloudy Wednesday morning as the hustle and bustle of India plays out before me I find myself excited with anticipation as I travel to the first of the recommendations given to me by so many awesome people. Looking online the place looked nice but am I right in saying you can’t really trust photos one way or another (I’m looking at you resorts! With your photoshopping of water and whatnot). so with that in mind, it was high time to take a leap of faith.

As the car pulls up I find I like this place already, it’s hidden down a road, down a smaller road.. then down a side way which oddly reminds me of Melbourne. For of the best places are so far out of the way you need a map, guide and donkey with supplies to get there. So for a place to be recommended so much and yet not to see a garish and loud PLEASE DRINK COFFEE HERE!! sign / building facade is a really good sign.

I walk around the side I get a sense that I am visiting my grandparents than going for a coffee, there are potted plants scattered on a black and white tiled patio with an dog sleeping lazily and just enjoying the sun. I approach and he gives me the slow raise of the head and a tired wag of the tail saying “I don’t know who you are but I love you!”




The place seems closed it’s that quiet, until of course, I step inside..

The design of the interior is a mix between the heritage of the building and the new fixtures here and there, in the centerpiece is an actual working coffee grinder and the smell of coffee beans is instantly recognizable. If they were going for ‘we want to really impress you with how much we love coffee’ then 10/10 for that. Paint me impressed.

It doesn’t stop there..


Sitting down at the small tables I am given a menu and I can choose my beans as well as the types of coffee.. I find the whole choice of beans and the elaborate wording they use to describe the beans a little overwhelming. It sounds picky but it would be nice if they have a section called the “Greg” section.

Let me explain.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I was shooting in Sydney and well the night was a loooong night and that was after a loooong day so as I awoke the next morning  feeling more tired than when I went to sleep (how the hell is that possible btw?) I didn’t even want to get out of bed, but facing the conundrum of ‘well coffee and food won’t come to you so what are you going to do?’ I decided to bloody well get up.

As I walked into the cafe in inner Sydney I was met by the owner called Greg, I knew this for he greeted enthusiastically with “G’Day I’m Greg, and this is my place” I looked at him with tired half-sunken eyes and his face instantly transformed from enthusiastic to one of concern and pity

“big night last night?”

nod slightly “ yeah”

“Ok don’t worry mate take a seat over there, I’ll take care of you”

There was a table in the back corner, he removed the reserved sign, placed me there then went and turned down the music. I didn’t even order anything he just brought a huge breakfast consisting of sausage, eggs, toast, bacon, baked beans, fried tomatoes and mushrooms. The coffee he brought was strong and rich and possibly contained the secret elixir of life (which is unicorn tears so I’m told).

It was possibly the greatest breakfast I have ever had in my life, I walked out of there feeling a slight return to being human and well I’m not ashamed of this as I thanked Greg, I gave him a hug and said “thank you” he returned with “No worries, you looked whiter then my bedsheets so I knew I needed to see you right”.

Greg I don’t know who you are, but you are my spirit guide.

Back to Hyderabad, and the Roastery Coffee House. Looking around this is clearly a destination and not a caffeine hospital for the weary traveller so choice is going to be a key to the experience but if they had a simple page that said “Coffee – Strong, rich” then I would have been alright.

I’m being mean I know, this place seems as though it is not as much a cafe as it is a shrine to coffee itself.

The room has a quiet susurration to it, young couples sit and hold what appears to be nervous conversation about this and that. There is something truly universal about young couples being nervous.. I mean I don’t even need to hear what they are saying to know what they are saying.

“Soooo, you like stuff??”
“Yes I like stuff… do you like stuff?”
“Oh I love stuff! I mean only if you love stuff?”
“I love stuff”
“Then I love stuff! I love stuff sooo much!!”
“yeah… stuff is good”

*long uncomfortable silence*

“yeah… stuff is good”

“Did you see the sky today? Talk about blue”
“So blue!!”

Whilst sitting here a couple came and sat down, his date was not happy for some reason and then they had to up and leave about five minutes from arriving… Clearly she doesn’t like coffee..

Not a keeper then…

Now the coffee. That’s why I are here right? Well, I am,  so I simply ask ‘What is the strongest and angriest coffee you have?? The Thogarihunckle Coffee apparently so I said “ill have a Thog thanks” (Australians can’t help but shorten everything and put an ‘O’ on the end, Afternoon – Arvo, Beverage to Bevo. Petrol Service Station to Servo etc). So I guess that makes it a Thogo..

“In a mug thanks.”

Again the crisp acknowledgement and I am left to look around and possibly laugh at cute dog videos on Instagram. Before too long the coffee arrives.

The mug.
This is exactly as I love it, course pottery with a glaze on top matching the rustic feel to the place, it’s really nice to hold with ample space if my thumb was a strong Australian man thumb.. Sadly it’s not but if it were I would be sorted. I pick up the mug and simply by holding it I feel at home.. The coffee color looks rich and latte art is placed with care.. There are even love hearts! I can’t help but feel that the guy making the coffee does this as a subtle ‘wing man style’ subliminal hint for all the other guys sitting in the coffee house. If so… nice one bro, nice one 🙂 Not that I need it though.. Why not you ask? Oh let me tell you!


You see thanks to you I am learning about all these cool places. To which while my other half is working (you will see soon, oh yes you will see) I go and check these places out. Then I will totally mention this place like I knew about it all the time and when we arrive and I sit down in a knowing way she will look at me and think “My god you are cultured and such a wonderful catch! I don’t care that your thumb looks small in that mug..I am totally extremely and overpoweringly attracted to you now! Let’s get back to the room so we can ummmm… discuss our feelings and play board games..

Back to the coffee.

I taste it, and tiny gods! It’s good! It’s really good!! It’s strong yes but not overly strong, bitter but smooth at the same time. It’s rich and lovely with the milk being at the exact temperature it needs to be. Not too hot as to burn the milk and not too cold to be well too cold. This coffee is the exact representation of a place that has an extensive menu to coffee, a working coffee grinder in plain view and the smell of coffee in the air.




This is quite simply probably the best coffee I have tasted in India… I can’t thank you enough for recommending this place!

Oh and they are now playing Shiver by Coldplay! My favorite song.. oh damn and it’s a live version as well!!!! Bonus!


One more photo of the dog, because relaxing dogs are relaxing




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